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How We Teach

We believe that a combination of free and structured play, an interactive learning environment and an abundance of love, care and attention provide the most sold foundations for children in the early years.

Our international team of educators from a comprehensive pedagogy at Kids United. We embrace teaching philosophies from around the world, such as Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia and the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The result is a play-based learning experience that combines child and teacher-led activities with free and structured play. The programme is customised to the developmental ability of each


Age Groups


Green Group

The first stage in a child's journey at Kids United is the Green Group. This room is designed to benefit children under 3 years and is flexible to meet each child's individual needs. We focus on your child’s personal, social and emotional development. Ensuring secure attachments with their key person and peers is fundamental to a child's ability to thrive within nursery life. Our highly skilled practitioners provide children with a range of age-appropriate activities to challenge their development, with particular focus on language and physical development. The children enjoy free and guided play, art, music and messy play. Practitioners will work closely with parents and carers to follow nap and food schedules and ensure a smooth transition from home to nursery.

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Learning Programme


  • Art is a core part of our curriculum. Our artistic activities promote self-expression and help develop confidence, motor skills and imagination

  • Every group has a creative space where children can experiment and express their creativity

  • Children enjoy activities created by our teachers

  • We organise fun trips to art museums and art exhibitions

Movement and Music:

  • We provide a range of fun, structured activities coordinated by our staff

  • Children develop their motor skills through musical theatre sessions.

  • Children engage in team sports and gymnastics to help develop coordination and balance

  • Through extra music lessons, children are encouraged to explore instruments, rhythm and singing

  • Yoga classes are provided by a specialist instructor

Early Literacy

  • We believe language is the key to education

  • We use children’s literature to awaken a love of learning within our students at an early age

  • We encourage inquisitiveness which helps develop learning tools both inside and outside the classroom

  • Children give small presentations to the class to improve their self-confidence and public speaking skills

  • We give the children simple writing activities to practice writing familiar sounds – the first step towards writing complete words and sentences

Early Numeracy

  • We introduce children to mathematical concepts at an early age and revisit them repeatedly throughout their levels.

  • Children enjoy maths challenges and games designed for engagement and to stimulate motivation

  • The challenges gradually become more complex as the children progress.

  • Our activities provide everyday mathematical applications for children to learn from

Early Science and Technology

  • We develop our students’ hand-eye coordination through fun activities like stacking blocks or building.

  • We help our students understand the functionality of specific tools and materials through challenges.

  • We use computer technology to improve literacy and vocabulary.

  • We give our students problem-solving tasks that require teamwork to overcome, teaching them how to evaluate situations.


  • We offer a fully bilingual programme with an English and German speaking teacher or assistant present at all times.

  • Children learn through a variety of activities such as: story time, imaginative play, arts and crafts, science, collaborative games and teacher led focus time which builds vocabulary and language.

  • We offer extended hours of German immersion that provide diverse opportunities to further develop children’s German skills through social interaction, free play, snack time and more focussed lessons.

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