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About Us

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality early years education and care. We create engaging learning spaces with modern pedagogy and experienced teachers to nurture and enhance every child’s innate curiosity, creativity, and ability to be a lifelong learner.


We build a complete understanding of every child’s ideal learning environment and use this knowledge to create customised lesson plans. These personalised experiences encourage their creativity and inspire a love of learning from an early age.


Each day incorporates indoor and outdoor play, art, dance, music and yoga. Children typically begin at Kids United at one year old and continue until the age of six through our four groups: Green, Yellow, Red and Orange.

The Kids United Advantage


At Kids United, we strive to create a home away from home for students. It’s a welcoming environment where the community comes together to shape children into well-rounded individuals.


Our team of passionate and attentive educators take a personalised approach to teaching and learning. From the moment our students start their journey with us, we’re here to guide them at every stage


We make it a priority to have our parents and students feel at home from the very first step. All our parents describe the kindergarten as an extended family.


Kids United Kindergarten is within walking distance from the Vienna International Centre (VIC), headquarters for the United Nations, and is in the heart of the Donau-City business district and urban-residential areas of the 22nd District in Vienna.


We embrace multicultural values and encourage connections from different backgrounds. This, combined with our international outlook, exposes Kids United to a unique perspective of cultural influences.


Our holistic approach aims to build personal confidence and nurture academic achievement. As a result, we develop well-rounded students who are creative thinkers, problem solvers and natural communicators.

Our Philosophy

Interactive & play-based learning environment

Abundance of love, care and attention for our students

Embrace teaching philosophies from around the world

Our Founder

Daphne Dissanayake

Kids United was founded in 1995 by Daphne Dissanayake, a trained Early Years Teacher with a passion for creativity, children and education. With over 40 years of teaching experience, Daphne has lead Kids United Kindergarten with a passion for leaving a better world for future generations. 


Kids United is located nearby to the Alte Donau U-Bahn Station using the U1 Line. We are also within walking distance of the United Nations Headquarters and are one U-Bahn station away from the Vienna International School. 

The local Donau Park is located within walking distance of our kindergarten as well as the United Nations Playground and the Water Park.

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The rooms at Kids United are dynamic, open-plan and filled with natural light, providing the children with plenty of space for learning and exploring. We have a large gym/activity room, in which specialist activities such as children’s yoga, music and rhythmic lessons take place.

Our freshly prepared meals by Gourmet, Austria’s largest catering company, are designed to provide the nutritional value that is vital for the children’s development and growth. We can provide equally delicious and healthy alternative meals to any dietary requirements your child may have. Our mealtimes are enjoyable, social experiences which promote a healthy approach to food and eating.

“Our children's meals are healthy and balanced and completely tailored to the needs of children. We have a well-trained, experienced team of children's catering specialists. That's why 2,700 kindergartens, after-school care centres and schools already rely on us.”

- Gourmet -

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