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We make it a priority to have our parents and students feel at home from the very first step. All our parents describe the kindergarten as an extended family. Our approach encourages open communication between teachers and parents and allows for a smooth transition from home to kindergarten.

Scroll down to read what our parents say about our kindergarten and what it means to them!

Parents & Caregivers

"Gesucht haben wir einfach nur einen Kindergarten,

Gefunden haben wir: einen Ort voller Freundlichkeit, Wärme, liebe zu den Kindern, unendlichen Lernmöglichkeiten, Verständnis und Hilfsbereitschaft."

Parent from Green Group






Parent from Red & Orange Group

Parent from Yellow & Orange Group

.أفضل روضة أطفال في فيينا

.جو رائع للأطفال مع أفضل المعلمين

.إنهم يبرزون أفضل المواهب المخفية في الطفل

.ويعززون ثقته بنفسه و يخلقون شعورًا عائليًا لدى الطفل

..أمضى أبني فيها عامين رائعين

'مكان رائع ، إداره ، معلمون ، فلسفة التدريس

. بالعفل كل شيء

“Kids United is the best! I appreciate the kind staff and the various activities for both the children and the parents. My daughter looks forward to going to kindergarten every morning, and that’s really all a mom can ask for.”

Parent from Green Group

About Nadee Dissanayake

Principal of Kids United Kindergarten


I began my teaching journey at the Overseas School Colombo in Sri- Lanka, where I taught Grade 5 students for 5 years. I then pursued my career in education at the Dwight International School London, Shanghai Singapore International School, the International School of Stuttgart, and the Vienna International School. Subsequently, I have gained experience teaching students from Grade 1 to Grade 6. Additionally, I have achieved a Bachelor of Education in English and Biology, a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and a Master of Education. Most recently I have also achieved a Degree in Early Year’s Education in addition to a Diploma in Early Year's Leadership. Overall, I have acquired over 30 years of teaching experience, working with children from the ages of 3 to 16 years old.


At Kids United we are a team of dedicated teachers with a love for children and a passion for education. Under their care and guidance, and our interest-based approach, we strongly believe that our children will flourish to become confident and happy learners.

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